Stand on your own, not the way some of your teacher wanted

Posted: April 6, 2014 in His/Her story, My story, Our story, Their story
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My sister was studying for her Science Exam and I was there to help to simplify the hard topics which had made her confused. Whenever she used to get time on her own she used to create constant clattering sounds in order to memorize the stuffs she had to study especially definitions of certain topics. That was bit of nostalgic but it turned to be bitter for me. Although I was grown up with the same style of studying, I never felt such annoyed about that. At that moment, I felt weird about the studying style because she was chanting the intolerable lyrics and I am the only the audience listening to her rap.

I stopped to chant when I started living in dorm with many friends since 9th grade. It was hard for me to adopt the new technique, to learn by heart, but I got used to very soon. I think I adopted such style in order to make sure that my other friends are not disturbed, even slightly, who studied at the same time I used to study. I would have been the odd one, if I had continued with my old studying style. And main thing was that learning by heart prevented whole dorm from being disturbed, saved some of my energy, increased my concentrating power and offered me some companies, the point is I was not alone while studying. Learning technique to learn was worth to learn.

But I was there somewhere I was totally discomforted. I was not comforted by my sister’s irrational voices, which made me to disturb her by starting the conversation.

“Amisha, why do you study like that?” I asked being polite with no hint showing that I used to follow the same style.

“Like what?” she replied, starting me with a little surprise. Her eyes were widened apart which signified that she was totally shocked about my question. It seemed as if she had no answer for my question. My question was rhetorical for her. I felt that she had never tried to learn by heart without annoying other. I felt that until she replied to my other question:

“Can’t you study without shouting?”

“I can’t memorise when I learn from my heart. I cannot concentrate. I will end up creating some fantasies in my mind.” she replied being open to my topic.

“Have you ever tried to study like that?”

“Yes!” she said with no meaningful expression in her face,” I used to. But, our class teacher wanted us to shout while studying in order to make sure that we were learning something. So, it turned to be my habit. But now I cannot study by heart although I try hard.”

Her last reply was all. While she started to rap, my heart started to shout. I had no more to ask to humiliate myself. Actually, I was startled with that teacher.

“Why would teacher do that? They have no right at all…” I thought.

Students should not be bounded to learn the way teacher wanted. Teacher should remain as facilitator who should just provide the platform. Student should fly freely and teachers are the one who should only take care of student about whether they are flying or not. In my sister’s case, teacher changed her studying habit. I think her teacher’s purpose was for her good but still, I felt that it was wrong. What do you say? The one, who is reading this article, I hope, could feel the same way I felt.

There are many other aspects where students are compelled to do the exact way their teacher wanted. I have something to share. When I was traveling in micro bus two women from back were chatting. I heard that the teacher of one lady never gave good marks than marks given to teacher’s daughter, no matter, how hard she tried for long time. But, in school level examination( in which that coward teacher is not allowed to check his/her students paper) she got highest and teacher’s daughter got poor marks. The lady from back sounded as if she had completed her revenge against her teacher. Look, this is the condition. In my word, that was crime.

I had experiences being compelled to memorise the exact definitions the teacher wrote to us. I had experiences when I lost marks for not writing the exact answer wrote by my teacher. Such teachers are made to make us dumb. Some teachers are very mean. I hate such attitudes of some teachers. And we must appeal because students had become the eternal victim.

-Bibash Shrestha(14)


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