Posted: April 26, 2014 in Guest post
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A hope
of mesmerizing emotions
venturing through
our veins
making us believe
whatever we do
but what
if we begin
to do right things
help the needy ones
provide food to
the hungry ones
shelter to homeless
then the outcome
we shall receive is
not money
but happiness

What we do
in our life
must satisfy our emotions
make us happy
and make others glad
this wisdom
when everyone
starts to follow
the world shall be
the paradise
there is no problems
the people shall
live peacefully in the
paradise of happiness

Two emotions
bad emotion versus good
when bad wins
people starts to hate
each other and the
when good wins
the people can fathom
the true meaning of
if its draw
life shall get more
good emotions must win
bad ones
and then there is
happiness and happiness..

-Bishwas Shrestha(15)


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