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Posted: June 7, 2014 in My story
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The road remained as usual: full of dust, dirt and, obviously, crowd. Few of us were traveling in the micro bus on the way to Sundarbazar, Lamjung, departed at 3:30 pm from Naya buspark, whereas many others were in the road with us desperate to reach to the different nook and corner of the country. After bearing and tolerating unmanaged traffic and scattered strangers all over the road, we were blessed to reach Thankot- the main entrance of the Kathmandu valley. After crossing the border of the valley, the open road welcomed us with no people shouting at the traffic police, with no conductor being rude with the passengers, with no bikes running little beside passer-by, with no houses standing ahead of the road and…

Everybody was settling. I could feel some long breath beside. I plugged the earphone and started movie in my tablet. After a while, travelers hinted me with developing noises about the traffic jam. When I looked at the stationary vehicles covering the whole hill, my first reaction was stopping my movie and checking my battery status in my mobile phone. Some passengers were startled while others regretted for why they decided to travel in the very day. Then, in order to abridge some panic, driver barked from the front: “The big trolley has blocked one way of the turning.”I was surprised because driver has already been aware about what had happened. May be he got information from other drivers. But one by one other passenger started to comment about this as per the reaction. The number of angered voices combined to criticize “Why do big trolleys have to travel in day time?””If we had departed at the allocated time, then we would have passed the jam.” “That trolley should travel in night-time.” “Before, big trolleys used to travel in day time, but now, under new government the big trolley started to travel at day time.” Blah…blah…blah…

Finally, as expected, we joined the tail of kilometers of lines of vehicles. Others were also joining us by and by. Likewise, on the other end the tiny vehicle were summing up. The view of hills seems as if the group of ants are jammed at the mould of the mud. The hills were blocking the sight of the trolley that has made everyone to wait. One side of the road is totally blocked and so only one side of the road has remained open. The vehicles heading towards two opposite directions have to take their own turn. So, rarely some vehicles were finding their way.

Because of unbearable heat inside the vehicles passengers from various vehicles came out to find the shade of the trees and houses. I also went out. Some were walking ahead to find the reason of jam, some were illustrating the criticism and some of find the places to pee. I walked ahead on the open place among the crowd. I talked with one stranger from different bus. He has to travel 13 hours all the way to reach Gulmi. When I looked at his bus, it was like the local bus traveling on the Chakrapath road. I could not imagine how he could sleep on the bus where he could hardly seat. Our conversation concluded by criticizing the road condition.


After all, we got hopeful chance to move ahead. But we could only move on the interval of around fifteen minutes. It was like watching videos in YouTube with some internet facilities of Nepal. Along with that, ahead of us, there was the long truck, which made us wait some extra time because such vehicles cannot easily turn its back part in narrow way- the way that is better comparative to other way of our country.

After two hours of wait, we reached to the main point. One side of Indian trolley’s back tyre, which was importing heavy logs from India, reached out of the road. The trolley, almost, fell down on the river. But nobody mentioned this besides other criticisms. I was pleased when I saw the traffic police to manage the movement of the vehicles. I was unhappy because our government is allowing Indian vehicles to roll in our country despite our people raising voices against it in our democratic country. There was movement against the Indian vehicles traveling on Muktinath way. I was sad because I we were importing logs from India.

For the next one hour, the truck ahead of us made our journey longer even after crossing the jam. It was taking a lot of our time to turn the way. Even we could not overtake since the other side of the road was totally covered. At some places the road construction was on progression, which was supposed to happen at night. Even this created some kind of obstructions.

Besides that we traveled our way comfortably without any official obstruction.



-Bibash Shrestha(16)


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